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The Second Test is out

Saturday, December 4, 2010
I forgot the packaging key of my first test, so I have to unpublish the old one and create a new application. Android market doesn't allow me to remove the old one. How stupid this market is.

Ok, I have just released my second version after three days of hardworking. I have a long list of what I have changed. Although the there is still the balancing problem, this version is much better. (Interesting, someones complain that the game is too hard while some other people complained it is too easy.)

Recent changes:

You can activate a help dialog with details about everything.
Fixed the auto-sell problem of the upgrade dialog.
Revised the upgrade tree.
Can now save some player's info.
Display level achievements.
Level selector now shows level info.
Applied a little offset to the tower cursor when building a new tower, so that the tower won't be covered by the player's finger tip.
Add few sound effects.
Eliminated enemy shifting due to tower building.
Sort enemy and tower order based on depth.
Solved the flashy problem when spawning enemy.
Stopped event handling when game screen fading in and out.
Downgrade the minimum os requirement to 2.1.
Use 30 frame rate.

And many other stuff...

What's Next:

Create different AIs.
Keep adjusting balance.
Enable tower research.
Create more levels.
Add sound effects to enemies and towers.

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